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"It's the people that make it awesome!"  This is a quote I've been sharing for many years at the People Analytics & Future of Work Conferences.  And it's true.  Each event has been energizing and enlightening, and it's also been an invitation to stay connected, collaborate, and create.  This is what our network is all about.  It's to become more educated, to be inspired, and to, in turn, take appropriate action.  Hope you enjoy, and to makin' great things happen! 


Why Join?

Share, Learn, Explore, and Create.  Promote the responsible, ethical, and virtuous use of people data, analytics, and AI -- an ethos we capture in the slogan, People Data for Good.  

Going further, please ask yourself: How do you learn?  From whom do you learn?  At what frequency do you learn?  Is what you're learning spot on to what you're doing or want to do next?  Within this network are presentations, videos, audio recordings, research, commentary, and a variety of other unique assets that will help you advance your own career while also help you drive impact in your own organization.  Whether you're a business leader, practitioner, academic, consultant, or just someone starting out in your career, this community will provide timely and actionable insights and ideas.  Ultimately, we're all learners, we're all helpers, we're all influencers, and we're ultimately working to advance the mission of People Data for Good.

Thank You!

A HUGE thanks to all those who've supported our events and community over the years.  A special "Thank you!" to our PAFOW Supporters, those individuals and organizations who've made ongoing investments in us and that, in turn, enable us to create world-class content and deliver it through this and other engaging platforms.  PAFOW Supporters receive discounts to PAFOW conference chapters, training, research, along with many other benefits.  Whether you're an active financial supporter or a general community member, we're glad you're here.  This PAFOW Community is inclusive, diverse, and here to serve all.  Welcome, and to makin' great things happen!

Free vs. Paid

Access to the PAFOW Community is Free.  You can become a PAFOW Supporter for $99.99 USD per year.  This will help us produce more great content and advance our mission to promote the responsible, ethical, and virtuous use of people data, analytics, and AI.  As a PAFOW Supporter you'll also receive discounts to conferences (past and upcoming, online and in-person), as well as discounts on training, research, templates, and other benefits.  All past and future online conferences, as long as your membership is current, will be at the discounted price of $99.99 USD (instead of the $159.99 USD non-supporter price).  Online conference content includes presentations, videos, audio recordings, and should you buy in advance, you'll be able to participate in session Q&A, polls, etc.  To help with the math, after the second online conference the annual membership will have already paid for itself relative to the retail prices.  We view these investments as modest relative to the value delivered, and we're consciously offering this value to build a broad, diverse, global community that's aligned around the ethos of People Data for Good.

Ease of Use

To optimize your experience we strongly suggest you login using your LinkedIn credentials.  We'll be sharing content across both platforms, including livestreams, articles, videos, etc. so doing so will eliminate the need for repeated logins and will enable content to be simply a click or two away.  

Next Up

PAFOW Europe Online 28-30 April 2020

View the live-stream for free via the PAFOW company page on LinkedIn or the PAFOW YouTube channel.  To participate in conference polls, discussions, and networking opportunities, as well as access presentations, video and audio recordings, and connect with fellow conference participants, join the PAFOW Europe Online Chapter below.  Reminder: discounts available to PAFOW Supporters.


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