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"It's the people that make it awesome!"  This is a quote I've been sharing for many years at the People Analytics & Future of Work Conferences.  It's true.  Each event has been energizing and enlightening, and it's also been an invitation to stay connected, collaborate, and create.  This is what our network is all about.  It's to become more educated, to be inspired, and to, in turn, take appropriate action.  Hosted by David Green and Al Adamsen, we are here to serve, and we're here to help make great things happen!

Why You Should Join Us

How do you learn?  From whom do you learn?  Is what you're learning spot on to what you're doing or what you want to do?  Having been People Analytics leaders in large enterprises, fast growing firms, consultancies, as well as with technology companies, we have a confident grasp of the key factors that drive organizational success with people analytics, as well as how best to develop oneself to grow, elevate impact, and advance your career in the discipline.  Ultimately, we're learners, educators, and social change agents advancing the mission of People Data for Good.

A Big Thank You!

A HUGE thanks to all those who've supported our events and community over the years.  Again, "It's the people that make it awesome!"  

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