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"It's the people that make it awesome!"  This is a quote I've been sharing for many years at the People Analytics & Future of Work Conferences.  And it's true.  Each event has been energizing and enlightening, and it's also been an invitation to stay connected, collaborate, and create.  This is what our network is all about.  It's to become more educated, to be inspired, and to, in turn, take appropriate action.  Hope you enjoy, and to makin' great things happen! 


Why Join?

Promote People Data for Good, the responsible and ethical use of people data, analytics, and AI for the benefit of individuals, teams, groups, organizations, and society at large.  

Share, Learn, Explore, and Create.  

How do you learn?  From whom do you learn?  At what frequency do you learn?  Is what you're learning spot on to what you're doing or want to do next?  Within this network are presentations, videos, audio recordings, research, commentary, and a variety of other unique assets that will help you advance your own career while also help you drive impact in your organization.  Whether you're a business leader, practitioner, academic, consultant, or just someone starting out in your career, this community will provide timely and actionable insights and ideas.  Ultimately, we're all learners, we're all helpers, we're all influencers, and we're all hopefully working to advance the responsible and ethical use of people data, analytics, and AI.

Thank You!

A HUGE thanks to all those who've supported our events and community over the years.  A special "Thank you!" to our PAFOW Community Members, those individuals and organizations who've made ongoing investments in us and that, in turn, enable us to create world-class content and deliver it through this and other engaging platforms.  Welcome to this inclusive, diverse, and innovative community committed to People Data for Good!

App Price

Access to the PAFOW Community App is free.  Once in you can become a PAFOW Supporter or $99/year to receive discounts on Learning Labs, Accelerators and, when we go back, in-person conferences.  You'll also be helping advance the People Data for Good movement, as well as help up continually create timely, relevant, actionable content, including videos, podcasts, transcripts, research, and presentations.  In addition, the app will enable you to connect locally, regionally, as well as by theme.  In the end, this community is for you.  Hope you find it both valuable and enjoyable!

Ease of Use

To optimize your experience we strongly suggest you login using your LinkedIn credentials.  We'll be sharing content across both platforms, including livestreams, articles, videos, etc. so doing so will eliminate the need for repeated logins and will enable content to be simply a click or two away.  

Learning Labs & Accelerators

Interested in staying on top of leading practices and emerging innovations within a certain theme?  Consider joining a Learning Lab.  Here you'll find timely, relevant, and actionable content organized by theme.  You'll also get the perspectives and ideas of thought leaders ad influencers, as well as be able to interact them in roundtables and facilitated discussions.  Accelerators are 3 to 4 week programs meant to advance an individual's personal knowledge of a subject while also providing resources to, in turn, help the sponsoring organizations.  Learn more and sign up within the app.  

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